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Interested in telling a story on the SoundBites stage?

Or, maybe you have an audio piece that you want us to play for a live audience?

Here’s your opportunity to pitch an idea and make happen!

Submissions for Season 4 are CLOSED.

But you can still email with questions:

(The information below is an example of what you'll need to submit for Season 5 next year)

  1. Your name, contact info (cell and email)

  2. A 100-ish word bio about you (word doc please or pdf)

  3. A 250-ish word bio about your storytelling life (word doc or pdf please), or send us links if you’ve told before

  4. Tell us which theme(s) and month(s) you are pitching

  5. To tell a story live please submit:

    • A draft recording of you telling your story

    • No longer than 10 minutes, please 

    • Recording it on your smart phone is perfect

    • Please make sure the file you email is an MP3

  6. If you have a written version of your story and you would like to include it, please submit that as a word or pdf doc

  7. If you are interested in submitting an audio piece that can be played in front of a live audience, please submit an MP3 file and let us know if your piece is finished or still in draft form.

  8. And please include a picture of yourself that we can use on social media (if you are selected to tell a story), jpeg format

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